Special Report: Daura Emirate, groups plan heroic welcome for President Buhari

Special Report: Daura Emirate, groups plan heroic welcome for President Buhari

By Faith Awa Maji, Katsina

The Daura Consortium, a coalition of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in Daura Emirate of Katsina State says it is making an elaborate plan to host President Muhammadu Buhari to a “heroic welcome reception,” as he prepares to return to his country home on May 29.

The Grand Patron, Daura Consortium of Associations and Chairman, Joint Committees for the reception, Alhaji Nalado Yusuf, Sarkin Sudan Daura, told our correspondent that after consultations with the Emir of Daura, Alhaji Umar Faruk Umar, it was approved that mega rally should be held to welcome Buhari home after successful eight years tenure as President and Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces, Federal Republic of Nigeria.

He said the Emirate had already sent a written letter of invitation to dignitaries.

The invitation card as obtained by the Nigerian Pilot has it that “the Daura Consortium, a coalition of all NGOs in Daura emirate, after due consultations with His Royal Highness the Emir of Daura, Alhaji Umar Faruk Umar CON, is hereby inviting you to attend a mega rally it is planning to welcome President Buhari back home on May 29, 2023 after a successful eight-year tenure as President.

“The activities include among others, welcoming the President on arrival at the Umaru Musa Yar’Adua International Airport by dignitaries and various NGOs, rally from Dannakola by motorists, motorcyclists and Keke NAPEP to Daura town, and receiving him at the Daura helipad.

“Dignitaries are to line up to receive him on arrival at Katsina International Airport and at the helipad in Daura to show our solidarity and renew our support for him which remain unshaken.

“To accomplish this however, the organization, with the full support and approval of all Local Government Chairmen in the Emirate, needs your support to make the occasion successful and memorable.”

While applauding what he said were the achievements of the Buhari administration in educational, national cohesion and economic development, the organisation said the President’s record of service to the nation will not easily be forgotten.

“As Daura people, we are proud of Muhammadu Buhari’s giant strides. We are grateful to God and Nigerians for entrusting one of our own with the responsibility of leading this great nation at a time when it was thought impossible as terrorism and banditry almost took over Nigeria.

“We are indeed glad that Baba Muhammadu Buhari did not disappoint us as Daurawa and a nation by his pragmatic leadership style and in the process making history that, he has finished well and we are going to live with him,” he Daura said.

Some other residents of Daura interviewed on the planned ceremony, Alhaji Yau Musa and Alhaji Aliyu Abubakar Suduji both expressed gratitude to God for the opportunity given to one of their sons to lead the country for eight years, saying he achieved so much for the country and his hometown, Daura

According to them “though we will miss so much as he relinquishes power, a lot of benefits we enjoyed as a result may no longer be feasible. Look at us in Daura, Buhari’s position made Daura and by extension, Katsina State to enjoy a lot of goodwill.

“However, it seems once he is relieved of the position, people only come around to pay homage and exchange pleasantries and may not necessarily attract or impact significantly on the community.”

Reacting to whether Buhari may relocate to Niger Republic after tenure expiration as against the background that he said he could easily run to the neighborhood of Niger Republic if people mount pressure on him, they said, “he is referring to politicians and not Daura people. He didn’t steal from the country not his people and those who stole he will not defend them. If they disturb or bother him, he will relocate to Niger. And, by the way, he is joking but people take it as serious matter. Buhari who we know will not leave Nigeria for whatever reasons.

Buhari’s performance

The residents have no doubt given accolade to Buhari’s government as according to them, Nigeria has enjoyed a greater height of the development in all human endeavours.

“We are proud of his achievements.

“How about insecurity, before he came to power, there was insecurity and he has been able to solve it by 70 per cent.”

Leader, Daura Youth Progressive Forum, Yawale Musa, who spoke on behalf of youth groups said, “we have every cause to give thanks to God Almighty for giving our son the opportunity to lead the country for eight years.

“And, for the fact that he has completed the assignment and set to return to stay with us here in Daura, we are full of gratitude to God.

“As you can see, here in Daura, we have lined up of several programmes ahead of his home coming.

“Different groups and associations here in Daura have printed T-shirts, caps and posters for the heroic welcome reception and we have planned a procession from Katsina town where he is excepted to alight before proceeding to Daura.

“All nooks and cranny of his Daura hometown will be littered with his posters, T-shirts as we receive him back home.”

Yawale could not hide his joy especially on the performance of President Muhammadu Buhari eight years in power noting that since the creation of Nigeria, no leader had performed as well as Buhari.

“For us, since the creation of the country no leader has done what Buhari did. He served the country diligently without short-changing anyone.

“His footprints are everywhere, from north to south.

“More of his achievements will be seen and felt after he has left the office.”

“Among what I appreciate the most that he did for Daura people is the establishment of the University of Transportation and a Federal Polytechnic. We thank God for this and this. These are just a few of the things he did for Daura.

On his part, Chairman, Nasarawa Community Development Association, Daura, Ibrahim Lawal, said everyone knows President Buhari as a man of good intentions.

According to Lawal, “everyone knows that President Buhari is a man of good intentions and he worked assiduously to see that the country is lifted from its setbacks.

“He is a respecter of law and order. As you can see he assured that he will conduct a credible election for the world to see and he achieved that.

“If you take each of the sectors, you will see that something new has been achieved under his leadership.

“In Education for example, under his watch, Daura got a University of Transportation and a Polytechnic. This is not a small feat at all. Before then, our children here will have to travel to other states to acquire diploma or degree but because of his efforts, our children can now acquire that right at the door step without travelling anywhere. In fact, our children, irrespective of what they are into be it okada rider, mechanic, or recharge card seller, can now combine it with their studies. Under agriculture, too, we have NALDA

“We will however miss the attention Daura enjoys whenever he visits in his capacity as Nigeria’s President. As you aware whenever he is in Daura, Ministers, Governors and innumerable stakeholders either visit Daura or turn their attention here. All this funfare will no longer be there.

“Not withstanding, we are happy because all that he needs to do for Daura he has done it.

“So, we are praying to God for him to have a happy ending in life,” Lawal said.

“Buhari is someone that respects law and order and would not want to meddle in issues unnecessarily noting that he is referring to those that maybe coming to seek him or ask him to intervene in the affairs of the incoming government unnecessarily added that since his military days, he is fond of saying, the end of sweet is sand or sweet things end in sand.

“There is no form of challenge that he will face at home I assure you. One thing I know he wouldn’t want or do is people reaching out to him to interfere in Asiwaju Ahmed’s government unnecessarily. That is the category of people that he is referring to that if they bother him he will leave for Niger.

“We from Daura will miss a lot of things as he leaves the Presidency because we benefited so much while he was in charge. If we have any issues, we always cry to him and he will wipe away our tears. Definitely, all will no longer be the same as usual for us if he leaves there knowing the kind of person he is. You know he is not the type you will go to and he will call so so and so and say do this for this and that person. Most especially, if it’s not based on merit.

“There are lots of things we enjoyed, like youth employment, according to a resident while reacting to President Buhari’s relocation to Niger Republic.

Daura central area

Activities in the central area of the ancient city of Daura, around the Emir’s palace are going on normal except for pockets of security presence both in the town and Buhari’s residence, ahead of the ceremony.

Business community lament.

The business community of Daura on their part, expressed mixed feelings over the absence of Buhari as Mr. President because of the influx of visitors they are having in the eight years.

“We’ll miss the influx of people trooping in to Daura to pay homage to him once the President is in town but, it is not going to be business as usual if he retires home because anytime he is around, we used to make huge sales.

Buhari’s residence

A visit to the residence of President Buhari, the house which was built in the 80s remains the same though wearing a new look ahead of the ceremony with white paint and flowers adding colour to the old building.

President Buhari’s house in Daura was built when he was the GOC in Plateau State.

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