Nigerian workers ranked second globally among most hardworking people – Report

Nigerian workers ranked second globally among most hardworking people – Report

Nigerian workers have ranked second in the world after Mexico in the global most hardworking workers with an average of 2,124 hours per worker annually.

According to a report published by the World of Statistics on Tuesday, Nigeria automatically emerged as the most hardworking country in Africa.

Mexican workers who topped the chart were only four hours higher than Nigerians annually with 2,128, according to the latest report by the World of Statistics.

In Nigeria, the official hours of work for most public and private workers are eight hours which could be 8 to 4 or 9 to 5 from Monday to Friday.

Meanwhile, some organisations like media houses, hospitals, security agencies and manufacturing industries require more days and hours of their workers, as Saturdays or Sundays could be a shift arrangement.

In an informal setting, workers like market women and other traders work up to ten hours per day.

While the report was silent on the type of work undertaken, it appeared that the countries in the top five were not tech-oriented.

Three countries from Central and South America followed Nigeria as Costa Rica placed third with 2,073 hours, followed by Colombia (1,964) in fourth position and Chile fifth with 1,916.

High-tech South Korea is a surprise entry at number six with their workers putting in an average of 1,910 hours yearly, and Malta, 1,882; Russia recorded 1,874 hours; Greece (1,872) and Romania registered 1,838.

Workers in the world’s largest economy, the United States, put in an average of 1,791 hours to place them in the 13th spot while the world’s third-largest economy, Japan is a distant 30th with their workers putting in 1,607 hours annually.

Germany, Europe’s dominant economy, is in 50th place with its employees working for an average of 1,349 hours annually.

South African workers are the second on the Dark Continent with annual 1,513 hours placing them a distant 36th on the listing.

With Nigerians working 2,124 hours annually, it means an average worker uses at least five hours to engage in productive activities as compared to South African counterparts that work for four hours.


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