Warning ⚠️: This may be a long read and others may find this piece offensive ❗️ 

Have you wondered why all of a sudden those who sees everything wrong with Mmesoma’s action (which indeed is wrong), sees nothing wrong with what INEC has done by declaring their fraudulent Politicians victorious at the Presidential and Gubernatorial elections ? These sets of persons have written several articles condemning the dubious action of Mmesoma but remained MUTE over the actions of their pay Masters at the just concluded polls. Double standards maybe?

You see, the problem is actually NOT the Crime but the Criminal. An Influential Criminal is allowed to commit Crime but a Poor Criminal will be penalise for committing similar (or even lesser) crime. Better still, “you are allowed to commit crimes provided you are not caught in the act”.

You are quick to tag what she did as condemnable but then;

💢some of you registered for WAEC at “Miracle Centres” in order to make good grades. Not bad enough?

💢some of the teachers aided the malpractices and even punished students who failed to pay for “expo”. Not bad enough?

💢how about Colleges/Universities’s students who influenced their lecturers financially or otherwise to pass a course? Not bad enough?

💢or the Lecturers who threatened to fail students who refused to sort them or have intimate affairs with them? Not bad enough?

💢maybe we should talk about those who weren’t qualified to go to NDA or Police Academy but their Parents influenced their ways into such institutions. Oh, yours isn’t bad enough?

💢what of you who paid thousands to “buy” jobs for your children, brothers or spouses? Well, yours isn’t bad enough?

💢how about you who collected money from clients to deliver a product but refused to keep to terms or instead delivered a substandard product? Maybe we shouldn’t talk about yours?

💢ermmm… you who lied to your parents that your school fees is 100k meanwhile in the actual sense, it’s 50k. Should we tell your parents?

💢how about the Police or Road safety Officers who take bribes on the high way or Contractors who delivered substandard services that led to the deaths of so many persons through building collapse or collapsed bridges? your own no too bad abi?

•••The list goes on and on (you may add yours in the comment section)•••

That is the kind of society we live in where someone is FREED from the Prison “for not escaping from the jail break”, but in that same prison, there are prisoners whose cases hasn’t been heard for ages. Fair society? Certainly NOT.

As a Lecturer, I honestly condemned Mmesoma’s action, I also condemned vehemently the actions of some colleagues who were engaged in manipulating electoral processes to favour the highest bidders. Nonetheless, does Mmesoma’s behaviour mirrored the TRUE IDENTITY of the society that we live in today? Me that wrote this article or you that is reading this article, are we actually free from any blame? Can we amend our ways for a better society?

Lastly, if JAMB can revoke Mmesoma’s result/banned her for 3 years, also, INNOSON Motors can revoke her scholarship etc, don’t you think it will send a strong warning to others who are planning to do same thereby making the society saner? If that is the case, don’t you think INEC Chairman and the fraudulent Politicians who manipulated the electoral processes should also be punished or ban from contesting elections? Don’t you think by doing so we will have a better society? If you sincerely condemn Mmesoma don’t you think it is fair that you condemn your pay Masters?

To this end therefore, I will like to drop my pen 🖊️ by saying WHAT IS WRONG IS WRONG regardless of who commits it and WHAT IS RIGHT IS RIGHT irrespective of who says it.

Thank you for reading and kindly SHARE please 🙏 

Written by:

Raphael P. Galleh (AFHEA)

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