Vultures in the serene environment of Nasarawa Eggon Local Government- By Alaku Dennis Dauda Esq

Vultures in the serene environment of Nasarawa Eggon Local Government- By Alaku Dennis Dauda Esq

Nasarawa Eggon Local Government Area of Nasarawa State is less than 30 kilometres away from the state capital, blessed with abundant human and material resources of any kind you can think of. With it proximity, and accessible road network to the state capital, it places it at an advantage to reach the state capital in just about 20-25 minutes depending on one’s speed.

However, instead of people using the proximity as an advantage to explore on the rich Agriculture and the abundant resources that lies in this area, some miscreants have decided to turned these advantages to perpetuate evil to the innocent and unsuspecting citizens and the good people of Nasarawa Eggon area.

The recent incident of human private part dissapearance is just one of those ugly incidences that has bedevilled Nasarawa Eggon town and its environs in the recent passed. You would recalled that, not quite long, kidnappers and some men of the underworld were apprehended by some young vibrant Eggon Vigilantee Group and handed over to the security agency (police) for further investigation, since then, nothing has been heard about this criminals.

Most recently, the house of our father and highly respected figure in the land, His Excellency, Honourable Labaran Maku (CON) was also attacked, where three persons was confirmed to have sustained gun shot and are still receiving medical attention. These of course, we know that, its just but few among many heinous crimes being perpetrated by mostly strangers or people who hitherto had warm reception and are now committing comtempt of the reception and all that. That’s not to except locals, who should ordinarily be at the forefront chanting the course of securing Nasarawa Eggon area from the ravaging vultures.

Having said that, I have watched about two different video clips, where young able bodied youth confessed to have made some innocent persons (male) private parts disappeared, claiming to have come from Lafia but got their charms from a Mallam in Yobe State. While the second video clip claimed they came from Enugu State.

Coincidentally, the two ugly incidences happened almost the same day or better still within just few hours intervals.

One wonders, what could have prompted these young and abled men to indulged in such heinous crime? What exactly is the motive behind the act? And who could have sent them? And why the choice of Nasarawa Eggon town/area for such heinous crime?.

But one most important question begging for answer is, after apprehending these criminals, what is the law enforcement agency (ies) going to do about it to ensure that, these criminals are brought to book, serves as deterrent to others and such ugly act doesn’t repeat itself again?.

Would these criminals be tried publicly or they will soon be bailed by their associates, friends, families or yet to be identified people?

Again, can the youth leadership of Nasarawa Eggon town begin to ask pertinent questions to the security agencies to ensure charges are preferred against these suspects and to also ensure that the case is followed to its logical conclusion…

In those days, when we were growing up in Nasarawa Eggon town, the then Aren Eggon, Late Dr. Bala Abaine Angbazo JP, between 6pm – 7:30pm and sometimes beyond, would go round different settlements and sometimes house to house asking about the wellbeing of his subjects and security of those areas, and should there be any negative report especially in the area of security, he liaised with the police and local Vigilantes for immediate action (Though, times have changed, same with the nature of crime)

I want to charge the relevant youth groups within and outside Nasarawa Eggon town to be more deliberate and up and doing about securing the lives as well as properties of people in these areas. Once the security not guaranty in an area, hardly would investors come to invest in such areas. Therefore, there’s the need for people to be circumspect about the security of Nasarawa Eggon town/areas

Lastly, it beholves on all well meaning individuals, Nasarawa Eggon stakeholders, to task the local government Chairman who is the chief security officer to live above board by not just holding security meetings but tackling insecurity within Nasarawa Eggon area to stand still.

These hovering vultures should be tamed and countered with a careful eagle’s eyes before they turn everyone to carcass for their consumption.

Thank you.

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